Who does not want to have a panda bear as pet? Unfortunately it is not possible to have a panda as pet due to number of reasons especially due to panda’s habitat and that it is one of the most rare animals. There are only about 1900 pandas left in the world, with approximately 1600 living in wild and about 300 in zoos around the world.

Panda bear can be only found in mountainous region of China. Panda bear prefer to live in cool and eats bamboo, which makes it the perfect place for Panda bear to live and grow their family. Sadly even in their favorite habitat, the population of panda bears is still very small.

Zoos have made special environments and atmospheres for pandas so they can survive in different climates that the zoos are located in.

Food: Pandas belong to the bear family but they eat bamboo, which makes up 99% of their diet. If you are going to judge panda on the basis of its food, then it makes sense to call it an herbivore, but it is not. Instead of having complicated, fermenting four-chambered stomachs like cows, their digestive systems resemble those of carnivores, with a simple stomach and short small intestine. Giant pandas actually can eat meat, they just don’t. To fill its requirement of food, panda bear eats up to 20 KG of bamboo every day and spend most of its time foraging and eating while it sleeps no more than 8-10 hours.

Habits: Panda bears preferred to live alone and do not like the presence of other panda bears. Pandas have a high sense of smell that let them avoid entering other panda’s area and territory. If two panda get too close, they fight and this normally end with them biting each other.

Territory: Normally a panda’s territory is about 5-6 square kilometers. They use special panda scent to mark the boundary of their territory, which warns other panda’s to not enter in their area. According to studies, pandas can judge the panda age and sex through their secret scent. The only time when they allow other panda to enter in their territory is during the mating season and they mating partners through their secret scents.

Pregnancy: As compare to other animals, female pandas are pregnant for 100 to 180 days and give birth to a maximum of two cubs at a time. Baby pandas weigh no more than 5 ounces when they are first born. After 18 month their parents leave them alone in wild so they can live their life on their own. They are considered mature at the age of 5 for female panda and 6 for male.


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    A giant panda s digestive system is more similar to that of a carnivore than an herbivore, and so much of what is eaten is passed as waste. To make up for the inefficient digestion, a panda needs to consume a comparatively large amount of food from 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo each day to get all its nutrients. To obtain this much food means that a panda must spend 10 to 16 hours a day foraging and eating. The rest of its time is spent mostly sleeping and resting.

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